My Account and Claims

Do I need to update the App?

We recommend that you keep the Znap App up-to-date. This would help us serve your better and give you a better user experience. Avoiding updates may not give you seemless access to any new feature added.

Do I need to update my details on the App?

We do require you to keep your email address up-to-date on our App. This will help us reach out to you in case you face issues or have queries on our services.

Do I need to update my transfer details on Znap?

We request you to update your transfer details (Bank, Paypal details) allowing us to send your cash back redemption without any issues. Please make sure that your account details are correct and upto date, to avoid any confusion.

How long does it take to receive my cashback after requesting cash-out?

It usually takes upto 5 business days for your cash to reach your account once you have requested for cashing out. It may take longer if your request if on a weekend or a public holiday. Nevertheless, we will try to get the cashback transferred at the earliest.

Received an email saying my receipt is unclear?

We need the uploaded receipts to be clear and readable to be able to process it for cashback. Before sending us the picture of your receipt, please make sure that the receipt details are readable and clear.

I received a message saying my receipt had already been uploaded?

Each receipt can be uploaded once. By default, the receipt loaded first gets the cashback credited to their Znap account. You may contact us on support@znapapp.ae with the details of your receipt to clarify any misunderstanding. Make sure you give us details of your claim for us to be able to spot your issue without delays.

Information missing on your receipt. What does this mean?

The picture of the receipt must include all details right from the Store name, Logo, date and time and product name, price, quantity, total. We insist on these details to make sure fraud is avoided.

Can I upload a receipt dated before or after the offer period?

We release new offers every Thursday 12:01 until Wednesday 23:59. All receipts must be submitted from Thursday 12:01 until Wednesday 23:59. Remember the purchases also have to be made within this period to avail the offer. And receipts must be uploaded within this time frame each week.

Why were only some of the claims on my receipt approved?

Here are a few reasons that a part of your claim was approved.

  • Purchased products may not match the offers. (To make sure you buy the correct item, make sure you go through the offer details to check the size, quantity, etc.).
  • The no of items didn’t match. (Number of items may have been more than the offer).
  • Claimed items may not be in the offer list.

If you feel we have missed out and not approved your claim on the receipt, Please do drop us an support@znapapp.ae with your ID and claim details and we will get back to you at the earliest.